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Näidata lehel toodet
12,00 €


Revolutionary disposable wax without bands for men. Effective with the more rebellious hair (beard, back, chest, ...), prevents the appearance of hair cystic thanks to Salicylic Acid that it contains. With Ginseng Oil, revitalising and refreshing.
8,50 €

DEPILIVE Azulene Cream Rosin 400 gr

Formula with guaiazulene and titanium dioxide ideal for sensitive skin and sensitive areas. Recommended for use on face, underarms and bikini line.
2,20 €

DEPILIVE Bronze Wax Roll 100 ml

Salicylic Acid ( Folisan) Mica and Titanium Dioxide make this a unique formula to prevent ingrown hair and ideal for both men and women. Formula based entirely on synthetic rosin. The NG formula has an effective removal, leaving no residues. Has a very good pull but does not irritate the skin if reapplication needs to be done.
7,50 €

DEPILIVE Intimate Film Rosin 400 gr

Low melting point formula with extra pull formulated for brazilian waxing and underarms. Enriched with Cacao butter and Oat extract for a protective moisturizing soothing effect. Directions: Warm up the wax in the warmer. Notice that the wax is not too hot and apply on skin following the hair growth. Choose the size of the area according to your wish. Apply a thin layer. Wait until wax is hardened and does not stick to fingers anymore. Remove wax pulling its own sides. NB! This wax does not need wax stripes for its removal.
2,20 €

DEPILIVE Karite Butter Wax Roll 100 ml

• Luxurious roll–on Karite Wax with Shea Butter and Titanium Dioxide • Delicately fragranced with an exquisite butterlike consistency • Superior grip and pull to easily remove tough hairs • Will not irritate the skin if reapplication is required • Leaves minimal residue on the skin
7,80 €

DEPILIVE Karite Wax Beads 500 gr

Formulated with Pure Shea Butter, specially recommended for those professionals that prefer the consistency of traditional waxing with the hygienic advantages of strip waxing. 500 gram bag in Beads for faster meltdown and quantity desired. Melting point: 39°C.
8,50 €

DEPILEVE Lavander Rosin 400 gr

New delicate formula for sensitive skins. Gently removes hair. This all-purpose rosin is effective on legs, bikini line, underarms, and facial areas and leaves the skin smooth and soft.
12,50 €

DEPILIVE Oil Cleanser 500 ml

Water soluble Azulene oil to be used after hair removal to remove any wax residue and soften the skin. Enriched with Wheat Germ. Available in 220ml, 350ml and 500ml bottles.
1,85 €

DEPILIVE Pearl Rosin Wax 100 ml

Contains Magnolia extract and Mica for a skin calming effect. Perfect hair removal leaving a luscious scent on the skin. Great for all areas and skin types.
8,50 €

DEPILEVE Pearl Rosin Wax 400 gr

Pearl Rosin Wax is tough on hair, gentle on skin. Contains Magnolia extract and Mica for a skin calming effect. It allows for perfect hair removal, leaving a luscious scent on the skin. Great for all areas and skin types. Thin consistency.
12,50 €

DEPILEVE Premium Cream Wax 500 gr

Gentle film cream wax for depilation wax treatments without the use of paper strips. Formula based on titanium dioxide provides incredible wax plasticity even after hardening, the wax film never breaks down and leaves broken off hairs. Delicate cream creamy texture provides a comfortable application and excellent adhesion to hair without skin injury. Wax for hair removal on all surfaces, especially recommended for hair removal of armpits and deep bikini.
6,80 €

DEPILIVE Soothing Cream 200 ml

Apply after hair removal when any allergic or inflammatory reaction occurs. Evens skin tone and reduces redness in most sensitive areas. Apply a thick layer and leave for skin to absorb. Enriched with Camomile and Aloe Vera. 200ml Bottle.
7,50 €

DEPILEVE Tea Tree Gel 200 ml

Depileve Tea Tree Gel with witch hazel and hamamelis extracts for sensitive skin