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8,00 €

Black Chokolate and keratin balancing shampoo. 500 ml.

Formulated with cocoa extract and keratin, cleanses and nourishes hair from roots to ends. The cocoa extract protects hair against free radicals and keratin deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Restores hair balance, making it flexible and healty.
9,50 €

Black Anti-Dandruff shampoo 500 ml

Shampoo with anti-dandruff and skin purifying activity, eliminates dandruff particles that are already present and prevents their further formation.
5,50 €

BLACK Express Beauty Dry Shampoo 200 ml.

BLACK Express Beauty Dry Shampoo 200 ml. Dry shampoo with argan oil and keratin. Contains rise starch is known for its absorbent properties. Starch was absorbed and dries the sebaceous glands, which gives the hair a clean and tidy look. The hair stays cleaner, lighter and softer. This wonderful tool helps prevent frequent hair washing. An indispensable tool for the lack of time in the case. Especially suitable for hair on the forehead and deodorizing individual strands of hair, which quickly gets dirty. Use: Shake well before use. Spray means of a few centimeters away, evenly Apply to the hair roots. Leave for 2-3 minutes, then carefully comb your hair. This is an easy and practical way to quickly freshen the appearance of hair without washing your hair if necessary and a new hair styling
8,70 €

Black Hair loss prevention shampoo. 500 ml.

Shampoo with revitalizing and strengthening action. The Placenta and Panthenol extracts make this shampoo particularly indicated for weakened and thin hair tending to fall.
9,50 €

Black Sebum-Regulating Shampoo 1000 ml.

for gresy hair. Helps eliminating the sebum in excess and grants volume and easy combing.
8,70 €

Black Shampoo Neutro. 500 ml.

Specific for frequent washing. Its formula ensures gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp, without altering the natural pH. The hair remains softer, suppler and easy to comb. A new extra gentle cleansing formula based on a surfactant whose non-aggressive action ensures gentle washing of the hair and scalp.
8,70 €

Black yellow Stop Shampoo for Streaks and White Hair 500 ml.

Specific shampoo for getting rid of yellow tones on white hair. It makes hair soft and full of body, without leaving violet or blue color residues. It is perfect to revive yellowed streaks.
16,50 €

CHI 44 Iron Guard Shampoo 355 ML

Gently cleanse and rid hair of impurities while Vitamins A&E and strengthening proteins nourish and prepare hair for thermal styling.
20,90 €

CHI Argan Oil Shampoo 355 ML

CHI Argan Oil Shampoo combines a unique blend of exotic oils that gently cleanse and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair by restoring moisture, essential vitamins, antioxidants and strengthening proteins creating healthy, shiny hair.
15,90 €


Hydrate shampoo. CHI Infra Shampoo with Cationic Hydration Interlink will provide gentle luxurious cleansing to the hair while providing a balance of moisture for softness and proteins for strength. Suitable for all hair types.
32,50 €

CHI Infra Shampoo 946 ML

Hydrate shampoo. CHI Infra Shampoo with Cationic Hydration Interlink will provide gentle luxurious cleansing to the hair while providing a balance of moisture for softness and proteins for strength. Suitable for all hair types. Application: Apply to wet hair, massage thoroughly. Thoroughly wash your hair, if necessary, repeat the procedure. Shampoo can be used daily.
16,40 €

CHI Keratin Shampoo

Gently cleanses and reconstructs damaged hair by replenishing natural keratin levels.
15,90 €

CHI Magnified Volume Shampoo 355 ML

Shampoo gently cleanses the hair with a rich luxurious lather while boosting volume and body to each strand of hair. Your hair is left clean with movement and shine.Sulfate and paraben free.
18,20 €

CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo 355 ML

Gently cleanse and rid hair and scalp of impurities while balancing oils and strengthening the hair cuticle. Key Ingredients & Benefits: • Tea Tree Oil – Natural antioxidant unclogs pores and removes build up while replenishing moisture to soothe and condition the scalp. • Peppermint Oil – Provides a refreshing and awakening sensation while helping to normalize and balance scalp oils to relieve dry scalp. • Silk – Replenishes moisture while adding strength and shine. • Chamomile – Protects and maintains hair’s strength and resilience, building a natural layer of resistance to damaged.
16,00 €

Goldwell Anti-Brassiness Shampoo 250 ml.

Description: Shampoo for luminous blonde and highlighted hair. Superior FadeStopFormula with Mirabelle Lipid Oil reduces color fading to a minimum.Neutralises unwanted yellow tones, for blonde color reflections. Provides regenerative care instantly.
16,00 €

Goldwell DS Color Extra Rich Shampoo 250 ml.

Description: Shampoo for coarse wide colored hair. Shampoo unique Fade Stop Formula with raspberry seed oil reduces hair color fading to a minimum. It provides nutritious and easy care.
16,00 €

Goldwell DS Color Shampoo 250 ml.

Description: Shampoo instantly feel and see color care and brilliance for normal to fine color-treated hair through the FadeStopFormula with pomegranate extract. Gently cleanses and maintains color for visibly more brilliance and a natural hair feeling without weighing down the hair.
16,00 €

Goldwell DS Men Hair & Body Shampoo 300 ml.

Description: Goldwell Dualsenses For Men Hair & Body Shampoo cleanses, revitalises and cares for hair, skin and scalp and increase hair resistance. The recharge system with Guarana Caffeine Complex works in combination with instant Microfluid Technology for quick and even distribution through hair. Suitable for all hair types.